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Flying private is an experience like no other. The fun, the surprise, the luxury... it has to be experienced to be truly appreciated. So whether you're wanting to cross off a bucket list item, planning a special weekend away or wanting to take the hassle out of travel, our beautiful five-seater is the perfect jet for you. Select your dream destination below to learn more. If you're interested in another destination, please contact us below. 

Business Charter

You have places to be and people to see. Flying private for your next business trip will ensure the utmost convenience and comfort, optimising your time for maximum efficiency. With our five-seater jet, you and your business partners will love how easy and seamless air travel can be. 




With over 24 years of experience in the aviation industry, Shayne is a highly esteemed pilot who will ensure you have a safe & efficient flight.


His experience includes being the Chief Pilot for a number of companies, including a Regional Airline, and his roles have included, pilot training, pilot checking, safety management, security management, and aircraft maintenance control. 


Shayne has enjoyed piloting in all facets of Aviation, including scenic flights, charter flying, airline flying and corporate business flying.  He has had the opportunity to fly some amazing aircraft, from the legendary 1930’s Tiger Moth Bi-Plane, through to elite modern business jets. From outback farming mustering helicopters, to coastal amphibious aircarft.


He could even happily fly along upside down...but for his Aviation guests his focus is on providing an ultra smooth, relaxed ride so you arrive refreshed at your destination. All said and done, we confident that you will have the best experience possible flying with our pilot, as he shares his passion for all things Aviation!

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Citation Mustang, High Sierra Edition

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